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The European Melt-Down is Underway

Over the weekend the Italian bond market blew up and went NO BID!

In Plain English that means nobody wants to buy their bonds.

It’s long overdue because Europe has been a tinderbox for the last ten years.  And it looks like Italy is the match that starts the contagion.

Of course, the markets tanked on Tuesday while the fear mongers continued to whip the crowds into a frenzy.

“This is the Big One!  Sell. Get Out NOW!”

“Major financial crisis is coming,” George Soros warns us.

Roseanne got cancelled by ABC!


These crazy headlines make me laugh.

The reality is the European bond markets are in serious trouble and contagion moves fast.  However, instead of panicking with the crowd, now is when you need to Listen to the Markets…not the media.

Money ALWAYS moves to the safest harbor.

So, if you’re a major investor/player in Europe, are you going to sit by and watch your portfolio meltdown?  Or, are you going to move to a safer place?

You know the answer.

And you also know that the safest place on the planet is still the good ‘ole USA.

Translation:  Billions of new dollars will pour into our markets in the upcoming months (It’s already started).

Don’t be surprised if our stock markets are shaky at first but in addition to safety, money always seeks value.

Translation:  High Quality dividend stocks are cheap and many are currently yielding more than bonds.

Don’t let the boyz in the “Club” pick your pockets.

Be patient.

This game is just getting started…and has a long way to go.

Learn how to position yourself for major moves this summer.

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