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Bureaucracy Does NOT Protect You

Bureaucracy protects the people in charge from accountability.

It’s true.

Proof:  Try to dispute a problem caused by stupid laws or unfair taxes. You’ll end up fighting through layers of bureaucracy.

You’ll also meet a lot of people who’ll shrug their shoulders at you…saying, “Sorry man, I didn’t make the law…I just work here.”

If you think I’m being harsh, just answer this question.  When have you ever seen a politician admit to making a mistake?

They don’t…it’s not their nature.

Instead, they react to problems by “calling in experts to consult.”  They only pretend to fix the problem.

On the flip side, they’ll justify spending a TRILLION dollars on our military, wrapping it in a patriotic flag about how they’re protecting us.

At the same time, their friends in the MIC (Military Industrial Complex—a MAJORbureaucracy) are lining their pockets with your tax dollars.

Over 25 years ago, musician Frank Zappa (who was critical of military spending) was asked by a reporter: “Who do you think will defend the country without the army?” Zappa’s reply: “From what? The biggest threat to America today is its own federal government. Will the Army protect anybody from the FBI? The IRS? The CIA? The Republican Party? The Democratic Party? The biggest dangers we face today don’t even need to sneak past our billion-dollar defense system … they issue the contracts for them.

So, who’s going to defend you?

Washington and Wall Street have been in bed together for well over 100 years.  And if you’re not paying attention, their actions could put you in the poor house.

Learn how this might alter your lifestyle here.

You’ll thank us later.

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