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The Deep State’s Fascinating Link to Bill Gates


In our last week’s edition of the Sunday Funnies we posted a very short video featuring Bill Gates and how his ID 2020 agenda is undermining our Constitution and freedoms in America.

If you missed it, be sure to watch it before it suddenly disappears from the internet (HERE).

Why is this so important?

It’s not like we haven’t been ranting about Gates and how he has bought-and-paid-for most of the medical industries communications outlets and their minions (Cough! WHO, Cough! CDC, Cough! NIH Cough! Cough! FRAUDICI Cough! Cough!).

However, what’s more disturbing is that Bill Gates’ father has long been an alleged racist with Planned Parenthood targeting minorities through Eugenics.

Eugenics has also been about improving the Anglo-Saxon/Scandinavian portion of the white race as being superior and the black race is the lowest.


How come no one’s protesting the Gates Foundation for all of its racist statements under the guise of “Climate Change Necessity?”

Here’s a crazy thought.

What if Bill Gates is using Climate Change as an excuse to de-populate Africa?

According to the Guardian, in 2018, Gates openly stated: “By the end of this century there will be 4 billion more people on Earth – and 3 billion of these extra souls will be born in Africa.”

Ironically (or NOT) they left out the part when he said he wants to reduce that number by 10-15% or roughly 600 Million people.

Let that sink in for a moment.

Is he following in his father’s footsteps targeting minorities through Eugenics or does this have anything to do with the Trillions in revenues that will come from his vaccines?

I suggest you watch the video and come to your own conclusions.

It would be impossible to organize and coordinate everything that’s happened in the last few months without having been planned in advance.

The tentacles of the DEEP STATE are wrapped all around this nefarious agenda that Bill Gates is pushing…and it’s coming to a theater near you soon.

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