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The 4 Most Dangerous Words Are…

Have you ever heard this line?

“This Time is Different.”

In the last 30 years, I can’t begin to tell you how often I’ve heard that phrase.  And without exception it’s the dumbest thing people say.

Let me make this clear.  IT’S NEVER DIFFERENT.

Clear enough?

On Wall Street, the only thing that changes are the players and technology.  They use the same strategies (like telling you “It’s different”) to help you part with your money.

History proves how cycles and patterns in the markets ALWAYS repeat.  And I guess you can include the cycle of stupidity as well.

It’s truly amazing how people are suckered into believing some new idea or technology will somehow change human nature.

Ironically, this false belief that “This Time is Different” always gains momentum when the markets are nearing a top.  That’s also when you see mom and pop decide to jump in the market only to be slaughtered by the wolves of Wall Street.

Why does this happen?

I know I sound like a broken record here but it all goes back to how we’re miss-informed by the Fake-Stream Media.  Remember, they’re simply parroting what their owners tell them to say.  And their owners end up making all the money.

There are too many examples to list in this email.  But if you want an inside view to help you avoid being another market casualty, go (HERE).

And remember this:  When you hear someone say, “This Time is Different,” take your money and run.

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