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Once Again Let’s Follow the Money

Understanding Wall Street (and the motive behind why things happen) can be summed up in three simple words, “Follow the Money.”

It’s one of the oldest and most accurate sayings that will help you connect the dots, especially when it comes to seeing the big picture.

I know I’m stepping on patriotic toes here but let’s use the example of Wars.  They’re the most obvious and yet most overlooked example of why money is a motivating factor.

Historically you can trace the reasons for most wars down to a resource.  It could be oil, water, land, agriculture, etc. but it always involves someone wanting something that someone else has.  Our government will say things like “We’re protecting you from evil in the world,” or some other “righteous cause.”  But the reason behind it all is money.

If you said most wars are fought because the banksters are behind it, you’d be criticized as being unpatriotic.  But, if you follow the money you’ll see who profits most from them. (Hint…makers of military equipment and the companies who finance them).

It’s not just about global wars.  This same mindset applies to large corporations who wage war on their competitors.

If a small company creates a product or technology that improves our lives they become a target for a takeover.


It’s cheaper for a big company to buyout another company than it is for them to try and duplicate the same invention.  Many times, the big company will take over the new company and bury their technology.  It’s another way of destroying the competition.

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