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Super Bowl “Indicator” Predicts Winner? LOL

Sometimes you gotta just laugh at the ridiculous claims by certain “so-called” gurus.

Seriously, a lot of these guys/gals, truly believe that YOU believe their cheesy newsletters.  I suppose they’re right.  After all, gullible people keep buying them.

But check out this recent headline:   The S&P 500 Taps This Team to Win the Super Bowl

The article explains how the “Super Bowl Indicator” allegedly predicts how the market either goes up or down based on the Super Bowl winner.

(We wrote about it HERE).

And to make things more complicated, the article says the Super Bowl winner can be determined from the Super Bowl “Indicator.”

Wait!  I’m confused.

How can you predict the super bowl winner when the “Indicator” is determined after the game has been played?

Don’t laugh, but the article goes on to say that stocks can predict the super bowl winner based on the “January Effect.”  (Read about the January Effect HERE).

What’s funny is the January Effect supposedly is determined by the first five trading days of the year.

So, let’s get this straight.  They expect me to believe that the super bowl winner can be predicted by the super bowl Indicator which is determined after the super bowl (Played in February) yet it’s linked to the first five days of January?


Remember this:  The markets are ALWAYS RIGHT.  And they don’t care about the Super Bowl…or any other made-up indicator.

Cheesy newsletters make up these crazy indicators to entice you to buy them.

My point is for you to STOP LISTENING to the media and LISTEN TO THE MARKET.  It will tell you all you need to know.

Discover how to hear what the markets are saying (HERE).

You’ll Thank Us Later.


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