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Sunday Funnies, If You’re Not Offended…

Welcome back to this week’s edition of the Sunday Funnies, where last week we witnessed the “Trial of the Century” (in the most corrupt city in the nation) select its 12 Jurors.


We would like to think that the “Chosen 12” will be fair and unbiased in their decision about Donald Trump’s alleged “Hush Money” over Stormy Daniels, but we’re not convinced.



But allow us to play the devil’s advocate here as we submit the following meme to remind the Chosen 12 and for anybody who remembers how Bill Clinton (and the Democrat Party) handled the “Hush Money” for Paula Jones.







And speaking of the Clintons – and potential similarities of any indictments against Trump – here’s another friendly reminder of how open hatred against Trump is unprecedented…and totally biased.







Ironically (or NOT) prison time for sexual assault crimes never seem to focus on the one making the accusations…especially after proven they were lying.


This begs the question…Where is the justice in that?







Flying under the radar of the Trump Trial of the Century Circus this past week, we heard a National Guard Blow up the entire J6 Narrative saying how it was allowed in order  to frame Trump and his supporters as “Insurrectionists.”


As a result, we wonder if somehow Captain Timothy Nick will suddenly become very distraught and decide to kill himself.







Meanwhile, many Ivy League college students around the country (and Muslims in Dearborn, Michigan) have been chanting “Death to America” at Pro-Palestinian protests.


Ironically (or NOT) Michigan governor, Gretchen Whitmer has stayed silent…probably not wanting to offend her voter base.







And from the “You Just Can’t Make This Up” category, the Presstitutes are going out of their way to NOT report on the fact that O’Biden falsely claimed that his WWII Uncle was eaten by Cannibals…TWICE.


Not knowing how to respond, to these lies, O’Biden’s handlers are attempting to make you think this is some kind of brilliant strategy to scare other world leaders into thinking how a senile president can be really tough.  LOL!








And for those who object to having Marxism shoved down our collective throats 24/7 by globalists hell bent on creating their New World Order, a new poll has emerged showing how the majority of Americans ARE AGAINST MARXISM.


And instead of a Great Reset – pushed by Klaus Schwab and his World Economic Forum (WEF) – we are thankfully seeing A GREAT AWAKENING emerge from the shadows of Americans who still care about our Constitution.







And that is precisely why we publish the Sunday Funnies.


You see, we use our funnies/memes/cartoons to counter the madness and frustration that accompanies Turbulent Times.




Because when it is all said and done, we all need to laugh every now and then.




Because laughter is good for your soul.


And it’s healthy to be a bit silly…especially in the face of fear mongering, medical tyranny, and especially the threat of WWIII.


It’s even more reason why we won’t apologize…especially if our Funnies just happen to hurt some Progressive/Socialist/Communist/Globalist’s feeeellwwings.



And please remember:


The Sunday Funnies are not just about our nations bizarre state of politics/finance/beliefs.

It’s about awareness of what’s happening in the world that we choose to poke fun at.


And, if our funnies/memes/cartoons/etc. provide you with a laugh or two – and/or open your eyes to some stark realities – then we consider that a victory.


So, when things tend to get a bit overwhelming, we believe it’s best to remember that Humor is Waaaayyyyy better than Hatred…which is contrary to what the world wants you to believe.

And we hope you see the Sunday Funnies as a refreshing oasis in the middle of a parched, dry, and increasingly dark world that we’re living in.


As always, we remind you: As difficult as things might appear, Evil Always Overplays its Hand…And Righteousness Prevails.


Thanks again for joining us on this crazy journey we’re on and remember America Was Built by the Brave, Not by the Fearful…


P.S.  The Madness Ends WHEN WE SAY: “NO!”


…and the word WE means a majority.










When People Ask “Why Do You Use So Many Memes in You Sunday Funnies?”








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The Volatile Price of Oil Explained in One Meme. And How the Banksters Pick Your Pocket in Cahoots With the Boyz in the District of Caligula











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The Industry that Profits Most from “Wokeness”












According to Our Presidents Claim That We Have a Booming Economy, We Now Have No Excuse for Being Fat










Meanwhile, In An Effort to Regain Lost Market Share, Burger King is Endorsing Klaus Schwab’s Bug Eating Program










If You’re Still Not Convinced that Our Government Spending Habits Are a Total Wastes of Money, Try Spending Over $600 in a Private Transaction











For Those Who Haven’t Yet Figured Out that SEED OIL is In Most of the Food You Consume Because It Is Highly Profitable AND Toxic (Fact Check it Yourself by Reading the Ingredients Label)










When You Remember That One Friend (who you thought was a bit weird) Told You to Watch the movie V for Vendetta and How it Was Taking Place Right In Front of Us…










For Those Who Refuse to Be “Politically Correct…”










If Trump Ends Up in Jail, Will He Still Fill Arenas?










A Reality That Most People Won’t Admit 










The Similarities to Liberalism Today Are Frightening…And He Even Had Greta Thunberg’s Great Grandma Campaign for Him










When Dogs Emulate Their Hoomans…














That’s all for this week’s edition of the Sunday Funnies.


Unless, of course, you want to see more risqué and/or NSFW memes… you can find them (HERE).


And for the remainder of “What’s in Store for 2024” you can rest assured we’ll poke fun at many of the headline grabbers every weekend, as usual.



As always, we hope you enjoy our memes/cartoons/rants etc. and that they bring a smile to your face.

We love to hear your comments so keep ‘em coming.


And although the world seems pretty dark these days, we encourage you to see why you have a lot to hope for in 2024 and beyond (HERE).


In the meantime, be sure to share these funes with friends and family members.


Caution: They may get offended.


But remind them…It’s important to laugh together and laugh often.

And be sure to tell them…



We’re Not Just About Finance…but we use finance to give you hope.

See You Next Sunday…



Invest with confidence.
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