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Stupidity vs. Genius

“The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits.”  -Albert Einstein-


If you apply that quote to what our Congress is doing to boost our economy, you’ll see why stupidity has no limits.

The list of their moronic activities is too long for this email, so I’m going to limit this rant to the debt ceiling.

Our debt ceiling was supposed to be in place by now.  But, like all Congressional decisions, it’s been delayed.

December 8, 2017 is the new deadline.  (They unofficially raised it to buy some time until 12/08/17.)  In the mean time they’re still fighting over it.

Let me make it clear to you…They WILL raise the debt ceiling.

Why?  They’re trapped and have no other option.

Think of it this way.  Our nation’s debt limit is like your credit card limit.  But there’s one HUGE difference.

Congress controls its spending and the debt limit.

They already know how much debt they must add when they approve their budget deficit.

If they refuse to increase the debt limit, they’re saying it’s okay to spend but not pay its bills. (confused yet?)

That’s like your credit card company allowing you to spend above its limit and then refusing to pay the stores for your purchases.

This is stupidity on steroids…and it won’t end well for us taxpayers.

They never talk about reducing our Governments Size.

So, after December, you can expect an increase in the debt ceiling followed by an aggressive attack on your freedoms.  They’ll package it in a red, white, and blue flag and tell you how it’s for your benefit.

Are you sick of this BS yet?

What’s your plan “B?”

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