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Hurricanes, Earthquakes and The Markets

If you’ve ever experienced a hurricane or earthquake you know how devastating they can be.  (If not, just ask residents of Florida, Puerto Rico, Texas, Mexico City, California, etc. about their recent experiences)

The major difference between a hurricane and earthquake is with a hurricane, you at least have advanced warning.  The opposite is true with an earthquake.

In either case your losses are often devastating.

Now, compare that with how the markets function.

Unforeseen events can send shockwaves (earthquakes) throughout the markets around the world.  What can you do to prevent it?  Nothing.

However, when you listen to the markets (follow trends) you see the storms (hurricanes) coming and have a chance to get out of the way.

But where do you go?

The path of a hurricane always changes and those running to get out of its way sometimes find themselves right back in the crosshairs.

That’s like people in 2005-2008 (who thought the stock market was too high) sold their holdings and bought real estate.

Back then you heard “Real Estate doesn’t go down.”  (Thanks, Allen Greenspan).  And we all know how that ended.

The point is most people don’t “listen to the markets.”  Instead they get caught up in greed and believe the news they hear in the Lame Stream Media.

Then, when the earthquake hits, they cry “Who could’ve foreseen this happening?”

Just like earthquakes and hurricanes, the markets move in cycles.

More importantly, News doesn’t move the markets.  Markets move in ANTICIPATION of events.

It’s like preparing for a hurricane.  When you know it’s coming you act before the storm hits.

It’s also like a “connecting the dots” puzzle.

So, if you want to stay ahead of the crowd, learn how the pros “connect the dots” (HERE).






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