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Stop Trying to Make Money…Do This Instead

One of the biggest mistakes’ investors make is to be constantly trying to make money.

Don’t get me wrong here.

You should invest in stocks to make money.

But most people TRY to make money with the wrong mindset.

And by that, I mean they don’t Listen to the Market.”

Instead, they listen to all the Guru wannabes on the financial news and act on their opinions.

Let me repeat something…Again.

The market doesn’t care about your opinion, my opinion, or anyone else’s opinion.

Instead, it moves in the direction that usually frustrates the most people.


Stop Trying and Start Listening


When you get to the point that you can tune out all the noise of Wall Street’s bought-and-paid-for media clowns you’ll start to understand how to “Listen to the Markets.”

And it becomes easier to see through their bullshit.

Listening will teach you how to save countless hours of reading nonsense.  And, in return, help you focusing on the data in order to make good, non-emotional decisions.

Notice I said “Non-Emotional Decisions?”

You can’t push your opinions on a trade and expect the market to follow.

But you should respect what the market is whispering and not force things just because you have a feeling.

Remember, nothing is absolute.  And no one is always right.

But today there are so many people who are flat out wrong, who claim to be right.  And the majority WANTS the markets to crash.

This is why we’re still in THE MOST HATED BULL MARKET IN HISTORY.

Ironically (or NOT) this explains why governments fails repeatedly.

Because these are the people who, like Keynesians or socialists claim; “just give it more money…it will work.”

Yeah, Right!

History always seems to tell a different story.

So, if you want to be on the right side of history – and not get slaughtered like the 99% majority – you need to give yourself a decisive edge.

We strongly suggest our monthly “…In Plain English” newsletter for that edge.

We specialize in giving you actionable ideas and ways to make money like the boyz do “Behind the Curtain.”

And we do it in a language that’s simple and easy to understand.

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And remember:  We’re Not Just About Finance.





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