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Markets Don’t Care About Your Opinion

One of the biggest flaws in the mindset of investors is believing that your opinion counts.

It doesn’t.

The same applies to all of the so-called gurus who often claim they have the magic formula for winning.

Ironically (or NOT) many of the best hedge fund managers have missed out on The Most Hated Bull Market in History simply because their “opinion” of the market was wrong.

This mindset is exacerbated by the Whores-of-Babylon media presstitutes who actually believe they influence the markets.

What arrogance!

They’re the last ones you should believe.


The vast majority of them have NEVER been a trader or worked on Wall Street.

These highly overpaid actors read scripts written by their overlords to get you to buy what they want to get rid of.  They’ll often base their claims on the opinion of the “Guru de jour” to get you to take the bait.  And they carefully mask their facts by referencing other guru’s opinions.

So, how well have these gurus done?

You can answer that question by the results you’ve gotten from believing their “Opinion.”

Maybe you’ve heard the saying:  The Markets Move in the Direction That Frustrates the Most People.

If you haven’t heard it before, make a note of it.  You’ll appreciate it later.

You might want to remember this one as well:  The Markets are always right.

And, as a result, the majority of investors are always wrong.

It’s really simple.

The markets NEED the majority to be wrong in order for them to make major moves to the upside and downside.

So, instead of following guru opinions, learn how to become a better investor through our 108 years of first-hand experience on Wall Street (HERE).

We’re living proof of another old saying:  A Man With an Experience is Never at the Mercy of a Man With a Theory.


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