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Still the Most Hated Bull Market in History

You might disagree but we’re convinced we’re still in the Most Hated Bull Market in history.

And the main reason is that most investors aren’t getting the most out of it.


Because, as the old Wall Street adage goes, “the 1% needs the 99% to be wrong in order to make fortunes.”

In other words, they make you Zig while they Zag.


It’s the oldest trick in the books.


And the boyz in the “Club” executed it perfectly starting way back in December of 2019.

Wait!  When?

That’s right, December 2019.


It’s now a public record that back then certain billionaire Globalists (Cough! Gates, Soros, Cough! Cough!) sold heavily into the year-end rally.

Ironically (or NOT) during that same time it was revealed that a CoronaVirus outbreak had begun in Wuhan, China.



Let’s Connect the Dots, here.

By January 2020, the markets continued their euphoria when the DJIA (Dow Jones Industrial Average-aka “the DOW”) reached an all-time high at 29,658.

Shortly thereafter, all market indexes experienced a nose bleed drop.

The DOW fell to 18,213.65.

Along the way it destroyed trillions of investment dollars.

But that was just the opening act.

Since then, we’ve endured Lockdowns, mask mandates, unprecedented destruction of small businesses and untold damage to the global economy.

As a result, we were subjected to Draconian laws, riots, looting, murders along with mass hysteria over a virus that has a 99.5% recovery rate.

To further illustrate this point, today we’re seeing the longer-term results from the hysteria in the form of extremely high gas prices, food shortages, runaway inflation, and war. *

(* Note…War is always the major cause of inflation)


Most Hated Bull Market


Ironically (or NOT) most billionaires increased their fortunes since 2019.

So, how did you do AND how are you positioned for the next big move?

Although it’s late in the cycle, we could see the DJIA test the 37,000 level before the end of 2023.

But, because of fear, most investors won’t participate in the most hated bull market in history.

Bottom Line

Wall Street traps are being set for Turbulent Times in 2023.

But…and this is a Very Big Butt…

Will you avoid them or profit from them?

Learn how to profit AND avoid them in our June issue of “…In Plain English” HERE.

And share this with a friend…especially if they’re frustrated with the markets.

They’ll thank YOU later.

We’re Not Just About Finance.

But we use finance to give you hope.


Invest with confidence.
James Vincent
The Reverend of Finance
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