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Simplifying Wall Street…”In Plain English”


Like any other profession, Wall Street has its own language.

And – like any other profession – if you’re not in that profession you have a hard time understanding how they speak.  What’s seemingly normal to them is often foreign to us.

Example:  A recent visit to my dermatologist ended up with her taking numerous “scrapes” to test for skin cancer.

About a week later I got a call from one of the nurses who attempted to explain to me the results of the “scrapes” taken from my shoulder, arm, ankle, knee, calf, chest, and back.

The problem with her explanation was she used “medical names” to describe the body parts mentioned above.

I didn’t know what she was talking about so when she finished, I asked if she could go over the results again and speak “In Plain English” regarding the locations.

She apologized and proceeded to tell me about the results from the scrapes on my knee, ankle, arm, etc.

This got me thinking how people in most professions communicate with their peers in a language that seems foreign to others.

THEY understand what they are saying but we don’t.

Wall Street is the Master when it comes to speaking in a language that 99% of the population doesn’t understand.  It’s one of the many ways they take advantage of most investors.

What’s funny about that is most people won’t admit that they don’t understand what the “Gurus” on TV or their financial advisors are saying.

Instead, they’ll nod their head while saying “Hmmmm.”

This is one of the greatest disservices any profession can provide to their audience.

Ironically (or NOT) most professions aren’t even aware of how they do it.

However, Wall Street is not only aware of it…they thrive on it.


It’s one of the many ways they get you to Zig while they Zag.

It’s also one of the main reasons we send you emails everyday in a language that’s simple and easy to understand.

Knowledge is worthless if you can’t apply it to your personal needs.

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Why are we doing this?

We want you to see how the financial world operates – behind the curtain – and we explain it in a language that simple and easy to understand.

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