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Saturday Rant…Spineless Speaker

As expected, Kevin McCarthy has proven he is our Spineless Speaker of the House.

And by caving into Democrat demands on the debt ceiling, McCarthy has confirmed he’s just another Uni-Party puppet.

At the same time, most Republicans have proven their worthlessness to their voting base for not having the balls to vote against the ongoing farce of the Debt Ceiling.

Joe Bribe-em & McCarthy worked very closely to deliberately deceive the American people regarding the inevitable debt default disaster.

They also collaborated with the Treasury Secretary Janet (Mrs. Doubtfire) Yellen to kick the can down the road yet again.

In so doing, these three traitors have knowingly and willfully guaranteed an even bigger financial catastrophe for the U.S. Corporation.

And that is the inevitable bankruptcy which will plunge the United States into Third World conditions.

Ironically (or NOT) history proves how they always rob the Treasury at the end of an empire.

And they work together to do it.




With that in mind we’re turning over today’s rant to a reader who goes by the handle of Sandman.

Take it away Sandman.

Republicans are like The Washington Generals playing The Harlem Globetrotters (Democrats).

They’re only pretending to try to win.

It’s all a farce, and they’re all actually on the same team.

Or else you could say that Republicans are Democrats that have not yet transitioned…yet.

Their real focus is on the Uni-Party.  The rest is window dressing and distraction for the masses. Red and Blue jerseys are just two heads of the same monster.

This is beyond criminal.

Because another round of tribal financial terrorism has been approved.

And it’s becoming painfully clear our government does not represent us nor do they have any common sense… and is hellbent on destroying what’s left of this country.

But what really irks me is how Americans were gas-lighted over the so-called “Debt ceiling.”  

There was never the slightest possibility of default on debt, we would have only had a partial gov shutdown.

And they have the nerve to call this the Fiscal “Responsibility” Act?

Who are they kidding??? It’s the opposite of responsible.

They need to rebrand themselves as the “Elitist self-serving” party.

Well done McCarthy, you are a Spineless POS. And you managed to fool almost everyone.

The country continues its slide towards oblivion.

And other than another civil war – I don’t see any other way to defang DC.


Thanks, Sandman, for your thought-provoking rant.

As always, if you – our Dear Readers – have a rant you’d like to share then please send it to us.

You never know whose life will be affected by it.

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