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More Corporate Suicide…Glamour Magazine

To call today’s ongoing corporate suicide the “Theatre of the Absurd,” would be absurd.

And yet, Glamour mag/UK June issue features a pregnant man on their cover celebrating “Pridemonth.”




But it’s NOT a pregnant man.

It’s a woman named Logan Brown who cut off her boobs and made herself look like a man and then got herself pregnant.


LOL!…talk about irony.

And, No, I’m not making this up.


Corporate Suicide on Steroids

Ironically (or NOT) Ms/Mr/He/Him/They/Them/It Logan Brown unexpectedly became pregnant with partner Bailey J Mills, a non-binary drag performer in the U.K., while taking a break from testosterone treatments due to health reasons, the fashion magazine said.

So, now Glamour Magazine feels the need to feature:

“A topless pregnant transgender man.”


Why are we celebrating this?

What makes this progressive?

I’m genuinely curious, because I honestly don’t think most liberals, progressives — whatever they want to call themselves — think they’re really into supporting this kind of stuff.

Instead, I think they realize how very strange it is.


But they don’t want to say anything because they might be rejected by their peers.

Yet this is what they’re supporting with their silence.

These are crazy times, and while everybody loves a little science fiction, this is anything but that.

It’s real… and it’s right there on the cover of a famous magazine.

Suffice it to say that a lot of confusion will be in order for this unsuspecting child, “Daddy carried you in his belly for 9 months.” 

“Daddy issues” will never be the same.


Other Corporate Suicide




And speaking of confusion…when you look at a label on a can of beer, what you see is provocative and certainly not inclusive. 

It plainly says pregnant women should not drink alcohol because it might cause birth defects.

So, what does this have to do with the markets?

Not much.

But as we are wont to say: ALL of this nonsense with the transgender agenda is just a DISTRACTION ploy for the real-world Economic problems in the States.

And the slope we’re on is getting slipperier every day.


Instead, learn how to see beyond these distractions and how to prosper AND thrive in Turbulent Times (HERE).

And share this with a friend…especially if they’re as disgusted as you are by this nonsense.

They’ll thank YOU later.


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