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Saturday Rant…Boris On ‘Brothers Forever’


In case you missed it, diplomatic relations between Russia and China improved this past week as Putin referenced Russia being “brothers forever” with China and Xi.



“I am sure that we will continue to strengthen the fraternal spirit of the harmonious Russian-Chinese partnership,” he emphasized.

Xi in response hit upon the ‘old friend’ theme, and was quoted in Xinhua as saying, “China is ready to work with Russia to stay each other’s good neighbor, good friend and good partner.”


To quote Scooby Doo“Ruh Rho!”


And that is why we are glad to have one of our favorite Ranters (and former Russian) Boris FullofCrap, chime in with his 2 rubles worth.


Take it away, Boris!



Boris say for many years how Putin and Xi will be like two beans in bushel (is that correct saying?) and will take over world reserve currency from USA.

And recent visit by Putin to Xi confirms Boris prediction.

Not only will they resist US interference in trade with stupid sanctions, but Boris reads how 90% of all Russia/China trade is in Rubles and Yuan.

Boris can now see how American psychopaths (Neocons) and greedy politicians have achieved the impossible.

They brought together two sworn enemies…with a military and economic force more powerful than USA.

This make Boris very sad.

Because USA is doing a great job uniting our enemies while dividing citizens here…reminding Boris of old USSR.

Way back in 1970 (and in 1990) no one would believe the Chinese would overtake the US.

They thought of China as a giant swamp of IQ 75 peasants who lived the same for 2,000 years.

Boris not making joke here…Brothers Forever is Problem

Because Nixon or Bush (CIA Bush and also dumber Bush) couldn’t imagine their empire now being run by childless menopausal women, homosexuals, lesbians and transexuals…Who now face Chinese state run by smart people with PHDs in robotics and quantum computing.

Boris speak the truth…and it offends the weak minds.

Boris not even mention China’s “New Silk Road” plans controlling trade on land and sea that you (James) taught Boris about.

But being ‘Brothers Forever’ doesn’t mean Russia will get into a mutual defense pact with China.

Because Boris knows after overthrow of the Tzar, Brits sent Trotsky and Germany sent Lenin.

Eventually Stalin ended Bolshevik’s Worldwide International and removed Communist Party from government.

But the Swamp/CIA killed him, destroyed Stalin’s USSR and eventually Gorbachev sold Russia nearly for nothing.

Millions of Russians were uplifted by Stalin, but were not happy with the way things went after Stalin.

The Swamp had to change their minds, so Khrushchev made-up dirt on Stalin and the West completely supported the fiction of a ruthless dictator, and many believed it.

That was when Boris knew it was time to leave Russia.

Sadness increases as USA continues to look like old Russia…who now has China on their side.

This makes confidence in government worse…so, Boris is buying more gold.



Thanks again, Boris.

Your history and perspective give us a lot to think about.


And thanks for the reminder of what we wrote about over China’s New Silk Road back in 2018.

You can read it (HERE).


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