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Saturday Morning Rant


The topic of today’s Saturday morning rant has to do with the exploits – and lack of criminal charges – of Hunter Biden.

And it’s because the Presstitutes – who lack the courage to do their job and investigate and report on his crimes – are playing a game of Circling the Wagon Around the Cesspool.

Having said that, I’ll turn the rant over to a writer who goes only by the name of “Jaded.”

And after reading his rant you’ll understand the name.


Jaded:  “…Turds are meant to be flushed…never to be seen again until they reach a sewage treatment plant where they are decomposed.

But instead of that, this turd (Hunter) will be picked up with a blue plastic bag and carried around like it was a trophy, then dropped in a trash bin where it stinks everything up for another week before being taken to a landfill where it will crawl out of the ground with the assisting of equally stinking oligarchs.

Time for Hunter to have an accident.

Or a car crash…or medical incident…drown in a swimming pool.

Then Joe, in his grief bows out and hands the keys to Kamala after she gets “the briefing” with the real video of what happened to JFK.

The Saturday Morning Rant Intensifies


The media is practicing controlled demolition over the POS Hunter Biden case.

Rather than pursue wider conspiracies connected to the influence peddling, Hunter could be indicted on a few tax or lobbying counts.

That would allow for a plea bargain that would allow the media to focus narrowly on those counts and not the broader influence peddling by the Biden family.

Of course, controlled demolition can at times take an unexpected turn.

The greatest danger is that either house of Congress could flip to GOP control.

That would open up the entire matter to the congressional investigation.  Yet, if a plea has already closed the case, the legal blowback could be confined.

The key to political controlled demolitions is to ‘implode’ the building, that is, to make it collapse down into its footprint (similar to the WTC towers and WTC#7 building).

The footprint is now Hunter Biden, confining the implosion to him while leaving the media and establishment untouched.


Wasn’t that refreshing and well-spoken by Jaded?

It seems as if he has a background in law.

So, do you have a rant over something you want to blow off some steam about?

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