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Russian Space Nukes…OMG!

Does anyone out there find it odd that, suddenly, we are hearing about Russian Space Nukes?


And what’s equally odd is how (again, suddenly) everyone is freaked out over Putin saying he endorses O’Biden for president in 2024?


In case you missed it, Putin said (about Biden):


“He is a more experienced, predictable person, an old-school politician,”


And he later went on to say how that Russia will work with whomever the America people have confidence in.


Think about this for a moment.


The key word is “CONFIDENCE” here.

Because the American people do not have confidence in Biden, and the people supporting him are mainly in the “anyone but Trump” camp.


Translation: Putin is saying that Biden is better for Russia than Trump.


And the reality is that Russia does not want an anti-establishment candidate in office.  (Trump)



Because why would you want to see your enemy succeed when their current leadership is destroying the nation from within?







Russian Space Nukes vs $355 Million Fine



And to further illustrate the hatred and desperation from the “Anyone but Trump” crowd the New York Boyz have upped the ante on Trump’s right to appeal the recent judgement of $355 million by adding an additional $100 Million.


Yes, you read that right.


So, for Trump to object to this excessive fine, he still must come up with close to a half billion dollars just to make his arguments to the New York Court of Appeals.



Maybe that’s why we’re being distracted by the Presstitutes over “Russian Space Nukes.”







Or Maybe, this (and other distractions, Cough! Fani Hill, Cough! Cough!) are to keep you from seeing the blatant corruption within the judicial system in New York.







Or Maybe, Just MAYBE, they don’t want you to realize how they arrested Donald Trump 4 times, gave him 91 charges, and have now fined him more than $455 million before a single Jeffrey Epstein client was arrested.

Let that sink in.


And while everyone is spazzing out over Putin and Russia’s Space Nukes no one is pointing out how (In the Tucker Carlson interview) Putin said it did not matter whether Trump or Biden won.

His concern was the “elitist mindset” that wants domination and nothing else.


And he indicated the true leader of the US was not the president but the establishment promoted by intelligence agencies.


And those agencies are loaded with the same Neocons that are in control of the White House.


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…And Ultimately The Collapse of The West



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