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As Smart Phones Dumb Down America…

In 1933, the term “dumbing down” was movie-business slang, meaning “to revise to appeal to those of little education or intelligence.” And today, smart phones dumb down America better than any Hollywood script.


And they’ve successfully accomplished the dumbing down of America for those with little drive or purpose.


Ironically (or NOT) the tendency to seek distraction and relief from unpleasant realities (Cough! Most of today’s news, Cough!) by seeking entertainment or engaging in fantasy, far too many people find great comfort in the constant flow of dribble a cell phone can provide.


As a result, you could say that the dumbing down of America is the deliberate oversimplification of intellectual content in education, literature, cinema, news, video games, and culture.

And in second place, threatening to take over Smart Phones, we have “virtual reality.”

And it offers an even stronger form of escapism.


Ironically (or NOT) it seems to be damaging the ability of people to relate to each other in the real world.


So, what happens to children that experience and embrace it?



Origins of Smart Phones Dumbing Down America



Most of the problems with smart phones are rooted in the idea that everyone deserves – not needs – but deserves one.

And you can thank Obama for that.




Don’t you remember the FREE Obama phones?

The Obama phone was another FREE government program that was meant to help the financially unstable who cannot afford access to a cell phone.


Afterall, they deserve one, Lol.


And thanks to the CoronaHoax, and runaway inflation, we are now seeing many millions of Americans who have become financially unstable.

It gets worse.


Those FREE programs say, if you are one of those people who have lost their jobs – due to the recession/Covid – then probably you’re having a hard time with your daily expenses.


And, on top of that, paying telephone bills is just another pressure.


But don’t worry.




Because you can get rid of this burden by applying to the “Lifeline Assistance Program” run by the government.


Translation:  Paid for by taxpayer dollars.









Adding insult to injury, phone/service providers are obliged to contribute a portion of their interstate and international telecommunications revenues to these programs.


Translation:  Paying phone customers are paying for it.


Unfortunately, as smart phones continue to dumb down America, too many sheeple won’t know what to do when the SHTF.


Don’t be one of them.


Instead, learn how to flip the script and prosper AND thrive during Turbulent Times (HERE).


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Invest with confidence.
James Vincent
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