December 2023
December 7, 2023

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Proof That Banksters Don’t Want Your Business

This may sound totally weird but the large brokerage firms and banks on Wall Street don’t want your business…unless you have a LOT OF MONEY with them.

They can’t be bothered with the “little guy,” and they go out of their way to get rid of you.

They use excuses like “The cost of servicing a small investor does not fit our model of efficiency.”

What the heck is that supposed to mean?

This is basically a slap in the face to the “little guy” because many small investors become large investors if they’re consistent with investing.

(By the way, small investors (by bankster standards) are those who have less than $250,000 to invest.  That, of course, eliminates a major chunk of the population.)

The policies these creeps use to screw the average investor are simple.  They start by raising fees to smaller accounts that add up to outrageous amounts of money.

Ex:  Let’s say you have a $30,000 IRA account with mutual funds and cash in it.  By doing nothing you most likely will be charged an annual custodial fee anywhere from $75-$150.  If that’s your only account you’ll also face a “Low Household Fee” that ranges from $100-$200 a year.  And if you don’t trade you also face an “Inactivity Fee” of $50-$100 a year.

Do the math.

For the “privilege” of having an account with your bankster, you face the possibility of paying anywhere from $225-$450 without placing a trade.

Add to that figure, the management fees for mutual funds, ETF’s, and anything else they come up with and you’re looking at some serious fees.

These fees will continue to rise and kill the value of your account over time.

It’s ridiculous.

Learn how avoid Wall Street’s ongoing thievery (HERE).

We’ll show you how to thumb your nose at the big boys.


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