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European Refugee Crisis Worsens…Thanks, Merkel

You might not think that the European refugee crisis has anything to do with Greece, but it does.

In fact, the debt problems in Greece was the catalyst that opened the floodgates for millions of refugees to enter Europe.

Let me sum it up for you.  The European Refugee Crisis was created by German head of state Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Follow the money:

On April 16, 2010, Greece notified the IMF (International Money Fund) that it was on the verge of bankruptcy.  On April 23, Greece received it’s first loan of 45 Billion Euros.  Then, on May 9th the IMF approved a bailout package for Greece (billions more to come).

Merkel was getting bashed in the press because long ago Greece had forgiven Germany’s debt after WWII.  At the same time, she made campaign promises to the Germans that she would provide no relief for Greece.

So, in order to divert the press from her hardline policy on Greece, she announced she would take the refugees from Syria with open arms.  Merkel then forced the rest of Europe to share the burden she created unilaterally.

Do the math.

With the exception of Germany, most of Europe is broke.

So, because of Merkel’s failing political career, every nation in the EU has been forced to take in, feed, and provide housing for millions of “so-called” refugees.  (I say so-called because refugees usually include women and children.  However, the majority of refugees flooding Europe have consisted of single younger men).

How can broke countries continue feed millions of new refugees?

Very simple, they can’t.

And this is ultimately why Europe will be first to collapse…and expect the US to bail them out.

This slow-motion train wreck is picking up speed.

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