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Pro-Satan Shooter in Dayton Promoted Communism…

The 24-year-old shooter in Dayton, who murdered 9 and left at least 27 injured over the weekend, was not just a fan of Communism.

He also supported Antifa, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders.

Unfortunately, this is another event highlighting the all-out war against conservative groups in America.

Make no mistake about it.  There is a full out political, psychological, and physical war in the United States against Caucasian Conservatives.

No, I’m wearing my tin foil hat here.

I truly believe there is a consortium of evil that has coalesced to destroy and/or fundamentally change the United States of America.

But don’t take my word for it.

Just look at how certain groups – over the last decade -have worked together, and see if I’m exaggerating.

Their goal is to assure that mass programming of the American psyche is well underway.


  • Liberal Socialist/Communists against Caucasian Conservatives
  • LBGTQ against Caucasian Conservatives
  • Legal and illegal immigrants against Caucasian Conservatives
  • Feminists against Caucasian Conservatives
  • Africans against Caucasian Conservatives
  • Hispanics against Caucasian Conservatives
  • Muslims against Caucasian Conservatives
  • Semites against Caucasian Conservatives


…and on and on.

Throw in the fact that it’s becoming common knowledge that Google, Facebook, and other major social-media platforms plan on influencing altering the 2020 election.

This goes waaaayyy beyond creepy.

It’s sinister.

The Dayton, Ohio incident only adds more gasoline to the “Take Away the Guns” inferno that groups – like the ones mentioned – salivate over.

Personally, I don’t believe our guns will be confiscated.

However, there will be chaos over this…which creates panic.

And the panic cycle in the last half of 2019 becomes more real every day.

It has begun…

Panic in September represents opportunity for those with ears to hear.

Learn more about it HERE.

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