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Politicians Know Socialism is Collapsing


So far, the deaths formally attributed to COVID-19/CoronaFraud stand at 175,000 (including motorcycle crashes, cancer, heart disease, strokes, etc.).

According to Bill Gates, we’re now facing “millions more.”

How is this possible, Mr. Bill?

Oh, Nooooooooooo!

Gates is also on record saying the Covid-19 pandemic will be over by the end of 2021.

Again, how does he know that?

How Gates and his ilk are not in jail is beyond me.

Not one of their forecasts have been accurate and yet the sheeple live in fear of dying from a CoronaFraud that has a 99.5% recovery rate…that’s assuming you even get it in the first place.

Gates has stated he wants immunity from lawsuits.

Unfortunately – and via pressure from Big Pharma – total immunity was given to vaccines by Congress.

That’s right.

They can kill you, and you cannot sue. Which begs the question… “If they are so safe, then why can you not file suit for damages?”

So, in Bill Gates’ case, his vaccines can’t be that safe when he also asks for immunity.

Think about this for a minute.  No other industry asks for immunity.

If auto makers knew their engine would blow up and kill you (Cough! TESLA Cough! Cough!) but were immune from law suits, they wouldn’t fix the problem.

The truth behind this whole CoronaHoax is the reality that Socialism is collapsing.

Politicians know it and they’re desperate.

That’s why they’re pushing so hard for control over every element of your life.

It’s also why they’re aligning themselves with the New Green World Order so they can justify destroying most of the global economy as we know it so they can bring about a global dependency on their negative, nefarious, agenda.

It’s also why the liberals have a doofus like Joe Biden running for president.

Creepy Joe has flat out said he will raise your taxes and declare mandatory mask laws.

Are you Connecting the Dots yet?

The Turbulent Times we’re living in is just a warm up act to what can really happen if these cretins get their way.

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