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Poets, Priests, and Politicians…


Most of you old timers reading this remember the hit song from “The Police” titled, Da do do do, Da da da da.  (For Millennials and the younger crowd, The Police was led by a singer named “Sting” …Still confused?  Ask your parents.)

Anyway, some of the lyrics accurately describe how we’re assaulted daily by the Whores-Of- Babble-On Presstitutes.

Check it out:


“Poets, Priests and Politicians,

Have words to thank for their positions.

Words that scream for your submission,

No one’s jamming their transmission.

And when their eloquence escapes you,

Their logic ties you up and rapes you….”


I don’t believe “The Police” were prophets but their lyrics sure do ring true today…Especially when it comes to politicians.

The majority of these supposed public servants have taken lying and stealing to an art form.  In doing so they’ve lined their pockets at the taxpayer’s expense.

How does a Congressman making $170,000 a year – a huge salary compared to most Americans – retire from public service a multi-millionaire?

The answer?  It involves accepting bribes and giving favors to powerful people behind the curtain, all at the taxpayer’s expense.

Let’s face it, Washington sold out to Wall Street about 100 years ago when they created the Federal Reserve.  (Read about The FED HERE).

When you combine political influence with the untold fortunes of the elite 1% “Club” you get POWER.

That’s what drives the system.  Power allows politicians to do anything they want and they’re never held accountable.

The CoronaFraud nightmare is allowing them to destroy civilization as we know it.  They are turning brother against brother, dividing families, and making many people look at strangers as potential threats.

The time is coming soon when someone’s going to start “jamming their transmission.” 

At that point all hell will break loose.

This week the FED speaks on the economy and where they believe we’re headed.

The consensus is they will most likely unleash create a new round of digital money to keep the natives from getting restless.

Are you “Connecting the Dots” yet?

Find out more HERE.


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