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34 Felony Counts = 3rd World Nation

Over one year ago we wrote how the indictments against Trump will put us on par with a 3rd World Nation.


We said, March 31, 2023:


And, unfortunately, there is no coming back from this moment.

Last week we said:

“This will mark a dark moment in American history and will undermine whatever trust remains in our electoral system itself.”

As a result, we have crossed the Rubicon with this indictment of Trump.

This is like opening Pandora’s box…and watching the demons fly.



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And now that a jury (influenced by a criminally corrupt judge) has convicted him on 34 Felony Counts we are witnessing the complete breakdown of the Rule of Law in America.


Unfortunately, when the rule of law collapses, civilization can no longer survive.


They are not even trying to hide their corruption when a federal judge (Juan Merchan) tells the jury to ignore anything that could help Trump.





Ironically (or NOT) now that the damage has been done, the precedents will haunt New Yorkers AND politicians from here on out.


Because now every past president (or politician) will eventually be hauled into court along with most of their ex-coworkers.


And now it will be open season against politicians and anyone who dares to run for office.


And every closet, every skeleton, and everything in their past will be looked at, scrutinized, studied, and brought into court.




Because ‘Orange Man Bad.’






This (George Soros, bought and paid for) District Attorney, Alvin Bragg has earned his fame in the history books about the decline and fall of the United States.


Bragg’s charges never passed the smell test.


Because when he indicted Trump (for allegedly falsifying business documents in connection to $130,000 paid to keep porn star Stormy Daniels quiet about her claims of an affair) he elevated what is typically a misdemeanor charge to a felony.


And he did it by arguing it was done to conceal another crime, which they failed to specify.

Bragg had to clarify in court the unstated crime they allege former President Donald Trump intended to conceal, which was not clearly specified in the indictment, according to multiple reports.


So, if there is something good to come out of this disgraceful court case, it will hopefully be a catalyst to awaken the sheeple.

And a dire warning of what to expect next…unless we do something about it.


As we have said many times in the past, history proves that the loss of confidence in government results in the rise of price of gold.

BE sure to read our June issue of “…In Plain English” (HERE) to understand why.


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