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Paranoid Banks Attacking Good Guys

Bill, a man who’s spent most of his life helping others, wrote to me about a bizarre banking encounter that happened after the holidays.

If you’re a charitable person, you need to pay attention to this.

In his words:  “Close to Christmas I took $9,500 out of my Citibank account.  I knew 19 families/women/girls who were in need, and I decided to give each of them $500.00.  A total of $9,500.

Yesterday I received an urgent email notice from Citibank to immediately contact them about my account.  Nervously, I called the number and spoke with a woman.

She said: ‘We monitor all our customers accounts and noticed last month you withdrew $9,500.00 from your checking account.’

“Yes,” I replied.

Then she asked, and I quote.

“What did you do with the cash?”

I was dumbfounded and asked her to repeat.


So, I told her it was for Christmas presents.

Then she added, “Are you aware this amount is only $500.00 below the reporting limit the IRS has established?”

“Yes, I said.  But that had no bearing on why I selected that amount.”

Needless to say, Bill was shaken.

And for good reason.  Here’s a guy who (out of the goodness of his heart) blessed a lot of needy people and now he’s being harassed by the banking police.

His good deed has probably put him on a special watch list as a potential drug runner, terrorist, pedophile or enemy of the state.

These labels become very convenient when someone wants to make a case against you.

This is serious stuff.  And it’s another reason why you need to keep money outside the banking system.

Learn how to protect yourself from a paranoid “Big Brother” (HERE).



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