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Oil Prices Jumped 50%…What Happened?

In case you haven’t noticed, gasoline prices are up substantially.

Even if you’ve noticed, do you really understand what that means?

I’ll give you the short answer.

When oil prices go up anything and everything related to petroleum goes up as well.  And that includes food.

Wait!  Food?  What the…

Yes, food.

Let me explain.

In order for food, groceries, necessities, etc. to get to you they must travel from point A to point B.

When oil prices go up the transportation costs to move those items goes up as well.  It’s that simple.

And it’s called “Stealth Inflation.”

But the question you should be asking is, “What caused the price of oil to go up over 50% in the last seven months?”  And more importantly, “How come you didn’t notice it?”

Two words—“Greed” and “Distractions.”

Remember, the media’s job is to bombard you with the “distraction de jour.”  I.E. “Trump did this…Putin said that…North Korea…Syria…Iran, and on and on…Look here! Don’t look there.”

These are subtle and sinister tactics used by the boyz behind the curtain.  It’s how they make fortunes by getting you to focus on mostly unimportant events.

To illustrate this point, look at how the Saudi’s recently arrested and blackmailed hundreds of princes.  (We wrote about this in December and warned how it would affect oil prices HERE).  So far, they’ve collected over 100 Billion as ransom money for their lives.  We suspect the figure is much higher.

We also believe this thievery is far from being over.

In our February issue of Simplifying Wall Street in Plain English, we’ll show you how to profit from the ongoing Saudi Sheik-Down. (And rising oil prices).

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