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Not Just For Millionaires Anymore

Investing secrets really aren’t secrets.

(Unless, of course, you believe all the cheesy newsletter promo’s about how some “Ancient Samurai Code…or This Secret From the Bible…” is guaranteed to make you a fortune).

I shouldn’t laugh at those things but from an insider’s perspective, they are a joke.

However, many people pay a lot of money for these crappy publications.   They hope to fulfill their dreams of getting rich by following “secrets” that no one else knows about.


Technology has opened up a world of information to the average investor that, in the past, was only available to millionaires.

The biggest obstacle you face as an investor is learning how to FILTER the onslaught of information that’s in your face 24/7.

Check this out: over 90% of the research/advice that comes out of Wall Street is not even read by Wall Street90%.


Simple.  It’s difficult to understand.

Try reading it yourself and you’ll see what I mean.

This causes you to depend on some very well written articles that catch your attention.

The problem is, over 90% of these well written articles about investment, are written by copywriters with little or NO experience in the markets.  (Again, over 90%).

You can get some good advice from a number of financial publications out there.  But, remember this:  “A man with an experience is NEVER at the mercy of a man with a theory.”

At Financial$ Matter, we have over 108 years of combined front-line experience on Wall Street.  (We’ve literally been there, done that).

So, ask yourself this question:  “Who would you prefer to filter information for you?  A man with an experience…or a man with a theory.

Find out more (HERE).

You’ll thank us later.



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