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Noooo, Mom! Don’t Sell Everything

This subject line should read “Confessions of an excellent (naive) Financial Copywriter.”

This is a true story.  The names have been changed for privacy reasons.

Last fall I spoke with an award-winning copywriter for one of the largest publishers in America.  Her specialty was financial newsletters (that obviously got my attention).

Anyway, she (let’s call her Jane) told me a story about one of her blockbuster promos that captivated her mother.

Jane: “My mother got so excited about the story that she asked me, “So should I sell everything I have and invest it in your ____ product?”

Jane: “Nooo mom. Why would you do that?”

Mom: “Well, the letter sounded so good…and you wrote it, so I just thought it would be a good thing to do.”

Jane then told her mom that the whole purpose of her letter was to get people to buy what the publisher was sellingThen she admitted to me (and her mom) that it WAS NOT something she should buy.


There’s far too many financial publications today that take advantage of unsuspecting people like Jane’s mom.  Most of them are written by people with little or no investment experience.

But they’re very compelling writers.

At Financials Matter we won’t tell you to “sell the farm” and place your bets on one horse.

We show you how to see through the BS when investing.

And we do it by exposing the lies and deceit used by Wall Street and their financial publications.

So, don’t become a victim like Jane’s mom.

Check out our newsletter “…In Plain English” so you can see what we’re talking about.

Go there now (LINK) and you’ll thank us later.

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