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Never Get Btw a Dog and a Fire Hydrant

It doesn’t matter the breed.

It can be a Pit Bull, Golden Retriever, Dachshund, or a Chihuahua.

If you get in between them and a fire hydrant you’ll likely get peed on.

Such is the case with Wall Street “Club” members and most of our politicians today.

Neither one cares about you.

They only care about how much money they can pick-pocket from you.

When you look at how they’ve been in bed together for over 100 years, the likelihood of either one changing their ways is slim to none (and slim already left town).

So, when’s the right time to trust them?

In a word…NEVER.

I say this because our staff has over 108 years of experience on Wall Street.  And when it comes to the mindset of the big players, we all know a saying that they live by:

It’s morally wrong to allow a sucker to keep his money.”  -W.C. Fields-


Question:  Have you ever made a bad decision or been led astray by a smooth-talking Wall Street Guru?

(Don’t answer…we’ve all done it).

Or did you read a compelling/well written financial newsletter that caused you to act on impulse?

If so, then welcome to the W.C. Fields club.

Ironically (or NOT), many of these “experts” are people with little or no experience in the investment world.

But they can write convincing letters or articles that make you salivate for what they’re promoting.

Don’t get mad if you’ve been burned.

Instead, learn how to get even.

We’ll show you how to beat the pants off most of the Gurus in our monthly newsletter “…In Plain English.”

Get it NOW before the price goes up (HERE).

P.S. Stay away from fire hydrants.

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