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New York Leading the Charge Against Guns

Who else but the state of New York could introduce a new Anti-Gun bill that requires you to give up access to your social media AND your internet search history before you buy a gun?

Sad to say, folks, that things are getting more Orwellian every day.

Specifically, the terms of the bill include you turning in 3 years of your social media history and one year of your internet search history.

I’m almost laughing out loud here because our government spy agencies can access all of that (and more) with a click of the mouse. 

However, these power-hungry freaks in NY want you to VOLUNTEER the information.


According to a write-up on the Democrat and Chronicle, a daily newspaper in Rochester, NY:

Police would be required to look for evidence the applicant searched for or used racist or discriminatory language, threatened the safety of another person, inquired about or alluded to an act of terrorism, and, finally, “any other issue deemed necessary by the investigating officer.” (source)

Check out that last line again.  Go ahead, I’ll wait.

The last time I checked, buying a gun is not a crime.

However, under this new proposal, someone you don’t even know gets to decide what hate speech is and apply it to your social media, internet searches, blogs, etc.

Enter in the thought-crime police…they’ll arrest you for thinking about committing a crime based on their determination of your personality.


Here’s a question for you to consider.

What good will more “gun laws” do when the powers that be don’t even enforce the ones on the books?

It’s a very slippery Orwellian slope we’re on.

Read more about it in our December newsletter (HERE).

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