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Did Pelosi and Schumer Soil Themselves on TV?

The best part about Trump’s meeting with Nancy and Chuck over the wall in Mexico was their body language.

The Fake News outlets make it seem as if Pelosi and Schumer got the upper hand on Trump.  (They try anything and everything to discredit our President).

However, if you take the time to watch it, you’ll notice several things.

  1. Nancy and Chuck didn’t know the press was going to be there.
  2. Chuck’s is sitting all humped over constantly looking at the press as if they were the Police/Military waiting to arrest him.
  3. VP Pence is intensely staring at Pelosi like a judge would before he sentenced you to a crime.  It was a classic “you’re done” look.
  4. Meanwhile, Trump is giving the Love symbol (which he is so good at doing and keeping people off guard).
  5. There are two people in the room (Trump and Pence) with the body language of our Founding Fathers.
  6. The other two look like nervous and guilty children about to be spanked by their task masters.

It’s obvious that Trump is playing way over their level of competency or understanding.

Politicians, especially cronies who’ve extended their stay too long, have no idea how to deal with a man like Trump.

It’s one of the main reasons they hate him so much.

It’s also the reason why we’ll see an increase in violence before we get to the 2020 election.

2019 will usher in the “Political Year from Hell,” and it will wreak havoc on “The Most Hated Bull Market in History.”

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