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My Wife’s Genius Stock Strategy


More Proof That Women Are Smarter Than Men


Quick! Finish these two sentences:

  • Man’s best friend is a ___
  • ______ are a girl’s best friend.

Conclusion?  When things get bad – like recently – see how much you’ll get trying to hock your dog.

Let’s face it guys.  Women see things differently than men.

And their instincts can be very profitable…if you’re paying attention.

Example:  The other night my wife surprised me when, out of the blue, she said: “Amour” (She calls me Amour) “Would you color my hair?”

I gave her the Scooby-Do tilted head look like, HUH? …and said:

“Yeah, um, sure, um, of course, um…but why do you want me to color your hair?”

She reminded me that every salon and/or nail tech/spa company is closed for business thanks to the #StayAtHome/Big Brother policy.

She then said how women won’t be deterred from looking good and will go out of their way to get their hair/nails done even if they have to do it themselves.

A few days later, my lightning fast brain realized…she’s right!

Today, more than ever, women are buying hail coloring etc. regardless of how frantic the world seems.

To confirm this, I called two friends – one who works at Target and one at Walgreens – and asked both of them: “Have you seen any change in the sale of hair care products?”

The friend from Walgreens said: “They are flying off the shelf and it’s hard to keep up with the demand…almost like toilet paper…LOL.”  She also said that when a new shipment arrives, she grabs some for herself.

The friend from Target said: “Every lady that passes the women’s department puts several items in her cart and hair color seems to be top on the list.”

That got me thinking…what companies make or sell hair products?

The two top providers are:

  • Revlon (symbol, REV) currently trading under $10…down from a recent high of $27.42.
  • Coty (symbol COTY) currently trading around $4.62…down from $14.16. Coty owns the brand “Clairol” that most women are familiar with.


Pay attention here:

  • Most salon/hair services are out of business and show no sign of returning anytime soon.
  • Women are buying the products necessary to look good and doing it themselves.
  • While most companies are dying right now, sales for women’s products are going through the roof.
  • Profits for REV and COTY will show up by the end of the 2nd quarter (June 2020) and are currently selling at a major discount.


Hint! Hint!

We normally don’t make specific stock recommendations.  Instead we suggest you “look at certain opportunities.”

So, if you decide to invest in hair color companies and make lots of money, you can thank my wife.

Also, our April edition of “…In Plain English” features a group of stocks that could well be “the trade of the century.”

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