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Mueller Failed With Russigate and Much More

Chickens eventually come home to roost.

Mueller’s Main Mission was to Cover Up the Obama-era Crime Spree and Democrat’s Russiagate.

He failed.

Unfortunately, you’ll only see a fraction of what showed up in Mueller’s two-year investigation of Trump.


Whether by design or otherwise, the Mueller investigation was set up for failure.

The Deep State was guaranteed success the very moment Michael Cohen’s offices were raided. 

Evidence acquired from Trump’s personal attorney provided ammunition for prosecutors in every jurisdiction where Trump’s businesses operated.

Ironically, (OR NOT) Trump’s exposure was greatly offset by the cache of evidence of Obama-era wrongdoing possessed by the FBI, DOJ, CIA, NSA and every other snooping agency out there.

We now face another Mexican Standoff moderated by the long-time Bush family deep-state agent Attorney General William Barr.

This becomes very interesting based on this key point; Both sides of this “Mexican standoff” have the goods on each other and, therefore, both are vulnerable to being blown away.

The Southern District of New York has been set up to prosecute Trump for anything and everything imaginable when he leaves the office of President.

Key Point:  The district is owned and operated by the boyz in the “Club.”

That’s why the 2020 election will determine how long this “Mexican Standoff” remains in place.

2019, The Political Year from Hell is shaping up just like we predicted.  And we’ll show you how to profit from this madness in our April Newsletter.  (Follow this link)

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As for Mueller and his future…

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