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More Lies From “Uncle” Warren Buffett

Before reading further you should know this email intends to kick over another “sacred cow.”

Said cow is legendary investor (and everyone’s favorite uncle) Warren Buffet.

Why Buffet, you ask?

It’s simple.

Buffet is like a professional athlete who’s well past their prime but insists on competing.  And just like the athlete with diminishing skills, Buffet relies* on desperate actions to maintain credibility.

What I’m referring to is Buffet’s condescending attitude when telling small investors why they should buy index funds like the Standard & Poor’s 500 instead of individual stocks.

Is that how you made your fortune Mr. B?  (Highly doubtful)

(*Note: Buffet recently bought 75 Million shares of Apple…adding to the 165.3 Million he already owns.  That’s an astounding 240.3 Million shares worth over $43,254,000,000…in one stock)

Is it possible, Uncle Warren, you own a large position in Vanguard funds (who makes billions in fees from their index funds) and you simply want us “little guys” to help bolster another of your holdings? (Very Likely).

Many of you might not remember that Buffet was the first in line slurping up taxpayer’s money from the 2008 meltdown.  He desperately needed to be bailed out because, at the time, he was the largest shareholder of AIG.

AIG was bankrupt.  So, Goldman Sachs cajoled a huge chunk of the $700 Billion TARP fund to bail out AIG.


Goldman was on the hook for the debt of AIG and would’ve gone belly-up as well.  (Read the full story HERE).

Soon thereafter, Buffett “graciously loaned” Billions of dollars to Goldman Sachs in exchange for “Preferred Stock.”  (Compliments of your hard earned tax dollars).

So, when he says the small investor should buy index funds, I cry, “FOUL.”

Before you lose your shirt, read about the unexplained dangers of ETF investing (HERE)

You’ll thank us later.

And share this with a friend…they’ll thank YOU later.


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