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Goldman Readies for Reset by Firing 497 Traders

Banks like Goldman Sachs (The Squid) need to have new technology already in place when a RESET happens.  They know it’s already “baked in the cake.”

Why would they reduce their traders from 500 to 3?

Simple.  They don’t need them.

Instead they’ve hired 9,000 computer engineers who now make up over 25% of their workforce.

By eliminating over 99% of their traders, it seems highly unlikely that their new programming efforts are being aimed at the markets.


Why would the largest investment bank in the world no longer be focused on trading the markets?

All banksters (especially “The Squid”) know that the cutting edge/state of the art technology in finance is toward digital, cashless, crypto-currency and block chain technology. 

And they NEED to have this in place when the RESET happens.

It makes perfect sense because the demand for programmers to develop this technology is unavoidable.

Banks are the front men of the 1% elite.  And they have an insatiable appetite for control.  They know what’s coming down the road and are preparing for the transition.

It’s also why Goldman’s outgoing CEO, Lloyd “doing God’s work” Blankfein, wants to get out of dodge.  He doesn’t want the system crashing down on his watch.  (Read: Is the Vampire Squid About to Get Squished HERE).

Since we already know the financial trend is toward digital and cashless technologies, the hiring of engineers and programmers speaks for itself.

What you’re not being told is how it affects the future of trading and, more importantly, your investments.

Read more about it (HERE).


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