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McCarthy’s Total Surrender on Debt Limit

In what will be remembered as a horrible Memorial Day, Liar Speaker of the House Kevin (“I’m going to release all the Jan 6 videos”) McCarthy caved in a Total Surrender to Biden on the Deb Limit.

In a nutshell here’s what RINO McCarthy gave up:

  1. No CAP/No LIMIT to Debt Increase with a 2-year deal
  2. Pass the 24 elections into 2025
  3. Add $4 to $5 Trillion to our debt
  5. Strip Trump (and the People) of their leverage
  6. 98% of the 87,000 new IRS agents are here to stay



Total Surrender to Biden on Debt Limit


Congressman Dan Bishop summed it up rather succinctly in a tweet:

“McCarthy called the deal a ‘big win,’ claiming Democrats didn’t get “one thing” that they wanted out of the negotiations.” … except increasing debt another $4 trillion … … and to bear no responsibility for it in the 2024 election season. Except for those little things.

Frankly we’re not surprised.

Because from the beginning we warned everyone about McFarty and his ties to the O’Biden cartel.




BTW…here’s what we said about McFarty while he was hustling votes to become Speaker of the House:

McCarthy voted for:

– same sex marriage
– vax mandates for military
– $100B for Ukraine
– using Medicare to fund USPS
– drafting of women
– J6 committee
– DC as the 51st state
– amnesty for DACA

In other words, he’s just another Uni-Party puppet.

But we don’t limit this corruption to just McFarty.

He’s simply the poster boy of the GOP and how they’ve failed their voter base.




In the meantime, O’Biden wants you to believe that he can reduce the deficit with increased spending.





But as they say, “Is ain’t over till the Fat lady sings.”

And there is a chance that Congress may kill the bill.

But don’t hold your breath.


Instead, learn how all the corruption works “behind the scenes” and how not to be victims of the Boyz in the “Club” (HERE).

And share this with a friend…especially if they think our current Speaker of the House is just Nancy Pelosi in drag…LOL!

They’ll thank YOU later.


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