April 14, 2024

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Mask Mandates and Boosters Returning

It was only a matter of time before the disgraced CDC would get around to telling the public that mask mandates and booster shots are needed AGAIN.


And they are mixing in this recommendation with the RSV and flu vaccines to normalize annual shots.


Ironically (or Maybe NOT) a few days prior to the CDC’s announcement of upcoming mask mandates and boosters, the also disgraced World Health Organization (WHO) claimed it found another COVID variant.


Gee, what a surprise!


Although we’re not fans…Alex Jones recently warned that these restrictions were coming back this fall.

Jones said that whistleblowers from both the TSA and Border Patrol have come forth to warn that full-on lockdowns are in the works.


The high-level TSA whistleblower said that managers had been informed that masking would resume as early as September.  And by October, all staff, passengers, and even pilots must wear a mask.


The Border Patrol insider said they were told to expect a spike in COVID numbers by mid-October that will push the O’Biden Administration to reimplement mask mandates.


The joke of it all is that BA.2.86 is one of two new trendy COVID variants for next season.

And the science is pretending that this variant is like the Omicron variant from 2021…which was a great big nothingburger.


Pretending is the key word.

Because Nature reported that the new strain has been linked to SIX cases throughout the entire globe.

Which makes us wonder what would happen if they looked at other illnesses impacting a total of six people worldwide?



Why Mask Mandates and Boosters?



Looking back, it was mind boggling how many sheeple caved into the fear factor and voluntarily injected themselves with an experimental drug.

At the same time, they refused to breathe the air and subjected themselves to wearing masks WHICH WERE PROVEN TO NOT WORK, thinking it might save them.


On the creepy side, there are many organizations that still require vaccination.  And will likely ask people to risk their lives AGAIN all for Big Pharma profits.


But this time the question remains:


Will people obey?



Obviously, that remains to be seen.







But it also confirms what we have been saying for the last three years.

And that is how civil unrest is rising and medical Tyranny is coming back.


READ: About That Medical Tyranny Siege November 11, 2022 (HERE).



And, just like then, it was all about the elite wanting to keep us out of sight to control civil unrest.


So, if you haven’t already prepared for the inevitable s**t hitting the fan, then you should take these announcements as a reason to step up your efforts.


Of course, we recommend reading our monthly newsletter “…In Plain English” (HERE)…but that’s your choice.


Share this with a friend…especially if they are to the point where they turn into citizens who finally say NO to this madness.


They’ll thank YOU later.




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