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Like Having a Flea in Your Ear

You know the sound.

You’re minding your own business when all of a sudden you hear the buzzing…”zzzzzzzzzzzzz” of a flea or mosquito around your ear.

Instinctively you try to swat the intruder by slapping your hand near your ear.  Or maybe you jerk your neck to the side to get away from it.

Either way the results usually aren’t good.

If you actually slap the bug in your ear, the deafening sound of the impact causes you to become dizzy or disoriented.  Plus, you now have a dead bug INSIDE your ear.

Or, when you jerk your head to avoid the sting or bite from the nasty little bug, you risk injuring the muscles in your neck.

The result?  Sore necks, headaches, and stress on your brain.

If you compare these events to listening or watching the Main Stream Media, you’ll see why I’m constantly ranting about how they are harmful to you in many ways.

Think about this….

You read a story about threat of nuclear war with Russia/North Korea/China etc.  Fear and apprehension set in and “SWAT”, you try and slap that bug and now your head is spinning.

Or some Guru says: “…the market’s going to blow up and you’ll be wiped out…”

That’s when you “jerk your head” (or act on impulse without thinking) and make a costly mistake.  You now have a sore neck, feel nauseous and want to throw up.

This is how Wall Street uses the media to manipulate YOU.

So, if you’re tired of hearing that “flea in your ear,” take the plunge and invest a whopping $0.29 cents per day to get exclusive access to our “insider’s view” of how to profit from Wall Street’s corruption.


You’ll thank us later.


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