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Hanging on in Quiet Desperation

How many people do you think are living their lives (like the lyrics from Pink Floyd…) “Hanging on in Quiet Desperation?”

It’s hard to pinpoint the real number because if you’re one of them, you most likely don’t want to admit it.

And, if you do admit it, you’re probably wondering, “How can this happen in the most prosperous nation on earth?”

First of all, we live in a crazy world.

Second, if you believe everything the media shoves in your face every day, you shouldn’t be surprised why so many people are freaked out.

This email isn’t about media bashing.  (Well, maybe it is…kinda)

It’s about how to overcome the fear caused by negative exposure to anything and almost everything you see 24/7.

I’m going to give you two words to describe how the investment world operates.  And then I’ll show you how to put them in perspective and profit from them.

Fair enough?

Okay.  But, in order to benefit from you must remember to put them in perspective or else you’ll be chasing your tail like a dog.

Here they are:  FEAR and GREED.


“Is that it?”


The Wall Street “Club” uses their presstitutes to constantly keep you unsettled with tabloid style news.

By doing so they prey on these two powerful emotions to the point where you can’t be sure of what or who you believe.

And if you continue to allow them to influence you, you’ll end up living a life of “Quiet Desperation.”

I don’t want to live like that and I’m sure you don’t either.

Learn how simple it is to overcome the constant scare tactics beat these criminals at their own game.

Read more (HERE) and you’ll thank us later.

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