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Liars Lying About Recent “All Time Highs”

On Tuesday afternoon (April 23rd) I saw several headlines gushing about how the market is hitting new “All-Time Highs.”

My first thought was, “That ain’t right.”

It also reminded me how the Wall Street’s bought-and-paid-for presstitutes continue to lie to you every day.

First of all, what do they mean when they say “The Market?”

Are they referring to the DOW, the S&P 500, the NASDAQ, the Russell 2000 or any other index measuring The Market?

The truth is the S&P 500 barely squeezed out a new high (on Tuesday) of 2,933.68. The previous high was in September 2018 at 2,929.67.

Do the math.

If you bought the S&P at the high in September, it took you seven months to become profitable.

If you bought the DOW at it’s high (26,818) in October of 2018, you’d still be losing money.

The same applies with most of the other indexes.

That’s why I hate it when they boyz come out and brag about the Markets reaching new all-time highs.

They’re Liars with a capital “L” and they want you to believe that all you need to do to be successful is to buy an index fund like the S&P 500.

What a bunch of crap.

Even everyone’s favorite Uncle, Warren Buffett, says that the small investor should buy index funds/ETF’s.

“Hey, Warren!  How many index funds have you bought over the years?”

Cronies like Buffet want the sheeple to buy ETF’s and index funds because they make a ton of money for their sponsors in fees.


You thought that index funds work for free?

No one…let me repeat NO ONE on Wall Street works for free.

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