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How Dumb Can You Get and Still Breathe?

In September 2017, Toys R Us filed for bankruptcy.

And the reverberations of its closing are still being felt across the toy industry.

Founded in 1948, the iconic toy retailer was a dominant player for decades. 

Every kid you know salivated at the idea of going to Toys R Us.

For most parents (myself included) going to Toys R Us with your kids was torture.

I still remember seeing my kids running down endless colorful aisles of toys wanting to take everything home with them.

Sometimes they’d get to the point of tears, almost overwhelmed with so much bounty within their grasp.

It was almost as if Toys R Us cast a spell over anyone who walked in their door.

Their marketing formula was brilliant.

However, somewhere along the way they lost their vision and gave new meaning to the word STUPID.

And, quite frankly, they deserved to go bankrupt.

They literally killed their customer base.

They’re not alone.

The list of other retailers headed for bankruptcy is growing at a scary pace.

It’s what happens when you ignore morality and try to gain political favor as opposed to focusing on the needs of your customer base.

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