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Leaders With ZERO Experience in the Markets

When you think of third world economic problems (like the ones in Venezuela or South Africa) you automatically assume these leaders have no market experience.

That’s why they’re such a mess, right?

Everything they do undermines their financial system while they steal most of the wealth from their citizens.

Unfortunately, they’re not the only ones that don’t understanding how the markets move economies.


You’re probably not going to like what I’m about to tell you.

You must understand that our “so-called” leaders in DC (who dream up legislation) have ZERO experience in the markets.

They prove it every time they deal with a crisis.  They write laws that NEVER fix the problems…they simply cover up their lies and mistakes.  This ultimately makes the problems worse down the road.

Since 2008 our financial system has been completely undermined.  The big banks have paid multiple Billions in fines and have been labeled “Too Big to Fail” (TBTF).

No one, let me repeat, NO ONE has been prosecuted from the financial crimes committed.

Our government is not interested in prosecuting bankers.  There’s no money in it for them.

Instead they want the billion-dollar fines that the banks gladly pay to avoid prosecution.

Wait!  What?

That’s right…to the big banks it’s like paying a license fee to stay in business.

Unfortunately, by extorting banks to pay big fines, they’ve forced many smaller banks to get out of proprietary trading.

This is causing a liquidity problem and is also laying the seeds for the next financial crisis.

When it hits, these criminals will be the first to claim: “Who could have foreseen this happening?”

It’s not a matter of “If” it’s coming…it’s “when.”

Don’t get caught blindsided.

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You’ll thank us later

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