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Flash Crashes, Bitcoin, and Pole Dancers

Wow!  Last week was crazy, wasn’t it?

On top of ABC news being forced to correct their fraudulent reporting Fake News by Brian Ross (who was suspended), the market “flash crashed” Friday morning killing many unsuspecting investors with STOP ORDERS in place.

If you read my blog on “stop orders” you’ll know what I mean. (HERE)

Bitcoin also “flash crashed” and rebounded to new highs over $11,000.  (note* despite the critics, Bitcoin is up OVER 950% this year.)

I guess you could say that Bitcoin is like the top of the real estate market in 2008.

Do you remember the movie “The Big Short?”

There was one scene where a stripper was being interviewed, who used sub-prime mortgages to buy five other properties.

It was coined “The stripper indicator” …And we know how that ended.

So, here we are, nine years later and the “Stripper Indicator” is back.

Pole dancing instructor Dee Heath is a successful “stripper fitness class” instructor in Sydney, Australia.  She’s also a Bitcoin Guru with her own website to explain digital currencies to beginners.

When buying cryptocurrencies, she advises:  “The good thing is when it goes down, you can buy some more, and you know it’s going to go up at some point.”  Or…“As long as you’re calm and you don’t let emotions run you when you’re dealing with any sort of cryptocurrency, particularly Bitcoin, then you’re safe.”

You can log that under “wisdom of a professional pole dancer.”

My point is simple:  Flash crashes (especially ones provoked by the Fake Stream Media) and stripper indicators command your attention.

They’re an early sign of increased market volatility.

They’re also a hint of how to make big bucks if you know how to “connect the dots.”

Read more about it (HERE).

You’ll thank us later.


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