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Kamala vs Kavanaugh Round 2?


Soon after Creepy Joe Biden’s handlers announced Kamala Harris as his VP running mate, the markets responded by puking their gains away in the last hour of trading.

Is this a sign?

Let’s go down the list:


  • The DOW (after hitting 28,154) gave back -468 points closing down 104.53.
  • The S&P (flirting with new highs) gave back -55 points closing down 26.78.
  • The NASDAQ (continued its third consecutive decline from its all-time high) giving back 185.53 points closing at 10,782.82.
  • GOLD was spanked down over 104 dollars closing at $1,904 (-95% in one day).
  • SILVER was crushed losing $4.40 closing at $24.86 (a whopping -15.04% loss serving up its biggest one-day loss since Lehman went bankrupt).


In light of this reaction there are many questions that need to be answered.

Could it be the markets are saying they may not like Ms. Harris, regardless of how good her hair smells?

And weren’t the Democrats top requirements for VP narrowed down to being a black woman?

Harris is the daughter of an Indian immigrant and a Jamaican immigrant making her the first Asian American on a party ticket.

What will the Burn, Loot, and Murder crowd say about this?

Cue up more riots.

Ironically (or NOT) Creepy Joe’s handlers couldn’t trust him to make the announcement which is not only sad but raises other questions about his cognitive skills…or what’s left of them.

Of all the questions that surface between now and November, we want you to pay attention to certain events surrounding the election.

We’ve been saying all along that regardless of the results, the losing party will not accept defeat.

Accusations of voter fraud, Russian involvement, and almost any excuse you can think of will likely push the final decision to the Supreme Court.

Oh, the irony!

It wasn’t long ago (2018) that Kamala Harris led the charge literally excoriating Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh and his family in front of the world in a vicious attempt to discredit him.

After failing miserably Harris, lead another unsuccessful charge, to impeach Kavanaugh in 2019.


Even if Trump wins by a landslide the Chaos and poetic justice (pun intended) for a certain Supreme Court judge will be breathtaking to watch.

Simultaneously, the chaos in the markets will cause the 99% to make all the wrong moves.

Don’t be one of them.

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