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Just in Time for Christmas

Ironically (or NOT) and just in time for Christmas, the market suffered its steepest decline of the year on Black Friday…supposedly because of the new Omicron Variant.

BTW if you scramble the letters of Omicron you end up with Moronic.

And that’s what you’ll be if you believe the nonsense over the newest mutation of the CoronaHoax that will kill everyone on the planet if you don’t take the clot shot.

At least that’s what they want you to think.

Are you getting fed up with this crap yet?

Seriously, don’t you find it the least bit odd how the timing of this new “moronic” variant coincides with what used to be “The Season of Joy?”

Suffice it to say there ain’t no coincidence here, folks.

Supposedly this new mutation has increased antibody resistance.

And it will most likely lead the Frauduci worshippers of the world to believe that the “experts” will push for a new vaccine or booster.

In other words, CHA-CHING for Big Pharma.


Just in Time for Christmas

And if this virus spreads as rapidly as claimed, then you should expect increased government restrictions…just in time for Christmas.

Or did you forget how they’ve already locked down the world once, destroyed the economy, and will most likely do it again.

What they won’t tell you is how all viruses will mutate in order to survive.

But…And this is a VERY BIG BUTT

They become weaker with every mutation/variant.

So why do you think the markets got clobbered at the mention of this new “Moronic” variant?

If you recall, the mere mention of the Delta variant – that was going to kill everyone in the world – sent shudders throughout the markets.

And yet it recovered within a few days.


It’s the old “Look Here…Don’t Look There” Wall Street tactics to get you to zig while they zag.

The Boyz rarely miss an opportunity to pick your pockets.

But for us at FinancialsMatter, these Globalist fear mongering tactics are more confirmation that we’ll likely see a Man-Made Depression in 2022.

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