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June 9, 2023

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Japan’s Yentervention…Too Late?

In case you missed it, last week Japan needed another ‘Yentervention’ in order to keep their Yen from imploding.

A Yentervention?


It’s their version of how our Federal Reserve (The Fed) intervenes in the markets by injecting (intervening) multiple billions of dollars to keep the markets from a meltdown.

But in Japan’s case they’re now into Round 4 of ‘Yentervention’ showing the world their vulnerability to the currency markets.

Namely “the dollar.”

Ironically (or NOT) the Bank of Japan (BOJ) has been spending unlimited amounts of Yen to keep their Yield Control Curve (YCC) from imploding.

As a result, the next day they’re forced to spend limited amounts of US dollars (USD) to also keep the Yen from imploding.

Translation:  Japan’s bond market is screwed…and they know it.

The Yen was puking hard last week crashing above 151/USD just hours after breaching 150/USD for the first time in 32 years…

As a result, the increasing strength of the USD continues to pour gasoline on the inferno of the global bond market.

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“In Plain English,” what we’re seeing in Japan is directly corelated to the recent meltdown in the British bond/gilt market.

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Yentervention or Else?

Sad to say the BOJ is trapped.

And the puking of their Yen has triggered chaos across the rest of the global markets.

Example:  The US 10yr Treasury yields are spiking above 4.3%.


So, what does this all mean?


Well – as we’ve been saying – Bonds/IOUs aren’t long for this world.

In other words, Sayonara.


Again – as we’ve been saying – the Globalists want to force a default in order to usher in Klaus Schwab’s The Great Reset.

And defaulting of Trillions of debts opens the door for introducing all digital currency.

Unfortunately, Digital Currency means everything is tracked, followed and TAXED.

And it plays into Klaus Schwab’s quote:  “You Will Own Nothing and be Happy About it.”

Understanding this article should give you a yen to own gold and silver (pun intended).

Metaphorically speaking, the can/Yen CANNOT (excuse the pun) be kicked any farther down the road.

The dominoes are falling in Japan.

And no amount of ‘Yentervention’ can stop them.

Europe is close behind and may actually default before Japan.

So, as we’ve said many times before, get out of government bonds…especially EMERGING MARKETS debt.

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