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It’s Like the Roman “Bread and Circus” Era

History doesn’t repeat itself but it often rhymes.”  ~Mark Twain~


Schools used to teach history about how empires collapse under the weight of their own debt (extravagant self-consumption).

Emperors, in the later stages of the crumbling Roman Empire, used both free bread (welfare, EBT and SNAP cards) and free circuses (Chariot races (NASCAR) and gladiatorial games (NFL, NBA, etc.) to placate the larger number of people who were otherwise poorly served by their government.

The difference today is you have access to Bread and Circuses 24/7 via Netflix, streaming media, smartphones, tablets, Amazon Prime, Facebook, etc.

This makes it easier to us to be lazy and live off of government handouts, just like the Roman citizens.

The Roman government eventually realized their Ponzi scheme was failing.  So, in order to keep it going they raised taxes through the ro0f.  It reached the point where Roman citizens (who couldn’t pay their taxes) simply walked away from their homes.

History shows that when productive citizens throw in the towel, a collapse is not far behind.

We may not be at that point yet in the US.  But the rumblings of the 50% who are supporting the other 50% in this country are getting louder.

Ironically, our Congress critters are constantly looking at new ways of raising taxes on the productive 50%.

The lesson?

When the majority depends on the government to support them, it’s time for you to put “plan B” into action.

What’s your “plan B?”

If you don’t have one, you should start by going (HERE).

You’ll thank us later.

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