December 2022
December 2, 2022

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Collapsing Socialism = War

All the war drums you hear pounding around the world are a result of the collective failure of Socialism.

It’s never worked at any time in history and always ends up in war.

Why war?

  • It’s a great distraction for political failure.

  • It’s profitable for a select few.


Europe is the current poster child for collapsing Socialism leading to war.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has been moving military installations to the Russian border, provoking confrontation.

Putin, in response has been forced to install buffer zones around Russia. (Gee, what a surprise…Russia defending themselves).

Euro member states have been instructed to build roads and bridges that allow tanks to freely move throughout Europe.

Interestingly enough, history shows that the construction of roads in Turkey is what allowed “Cyrus the Great” of Persia, to invade and conquer the entire Anatolia region.

So, building roads to deploy tanks against Russia, would allow Russia to take over Europe much easier.

The point is NATO (Western nations) desperately needs a war as a distraction from collapsing Socialism.

But why have a war with one country occupying another?

That’s soooo 1940s.

In 2018, instead of killing a lot of people, a nation can easily be rendered helpless by taking out their electric grid.  (Think Electro Magnetic Pulse EMP)

If you have no electricity, or water, or computers, things will deteriorate quickly. (Civil unrest, rioting, looting, etc.).

A nuclear explosion, detonated several miles up in the atmosphere, is capable of knocking out the entire electric grid for the East Coast of the US.

Now, try to imagine how you’ll function without basic necessities.

Do you have a back-up plan for this?

If not, you need one.

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