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Saturday Rant…The Ultimate Irony

The ultimate irony we’re facing is how many will starve and die from freezing while fighting “Global Warming.”


In case you missed it, in addition to runaway inflation, supply chain delays, fuel shortages, and increased prices at the pump, we’re also facing a severe shortage in Diesel Fuel.


And it’s to the point where nations could actually face starvation.

Translation:  No Diesel = No Food.

Fact: The shipping industry depends on Diesel.


And without it how can we get food, goods and services delivered?

Enquiring minds want to know.

So, today’s rant is from our in-house energy/climate change expert Bob H. who has over 35 years’ experience in energy stocks.

Take it away, Bob.

The elite could care less about climate change. They know it is laughable.

And they’ve used climate change as the spearhead for the Great Reset, which is all about coming up with propaganda to cover up the Sovereign Debt default.

If they truly believed in “Climate Change” they wouldn’t be flying around in private jets, owning ocean-front property, or creating more carbon emissions than many small countries.

Instead, depopulation and crushing humanity into a smaller, weaker, more controllable feudal-system peasantry seems more like the actual reason for destroying fossil fuels.

Just look at how they used an autistic teenager (Greta), as their spokesperson, and discarded her as soon they got the press selling their BS.

And now they want to end fossil fuels?

Ultimate Irony…

This has to be the ultimate irony in that by trying to destroy Russia through ending fossil fuels they’ve put the world at risk of starvation.

As a result of these moronic actions we’re facing a massive diesel shortage.

For over one year the price of diesel has been increasing greater than gasoline.

And yet, no one seems to care.

…Unless you’re in the transportation business and have tankers, trucks and cargo ships who are dependent on diesel.

They are the ones who deliver most of the food and goods that we need on a daily basis.

My point is, without diesel, we’re screwed.

And I believe these “Climate Change Zealots” should all be prosecuted for crimes against humanity.

Thanks, Bob for that poignant (and accurate) rant.

As always, if you – our Dear Readers – have a rant you’d like to share then send it to us.

You never know whose life will be affected by it.

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But we use finance to give you hope.

P.S.  How many of you out there know the significance of this quote:

“Remember, Remember the 5th of November”

~V for Vendetta~

Circa 2006



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